1. Temporarily move your thinking & voice in head to the side.
2. FEEL a warm Presence filling your body and name it “HOME”
3. Remain in that warm Presence as long as comfortable.
4. When you become aware that you are back in your thinking and/or voice, say to yourself “Come Home” and you will automatically be back HOME. (Eyes open or closed)
5. Remain in #3, until aware of #4 & return to #3
6. Alternate between 3 and 4, remaining in Home each time as long as possible,

HOME is nondual Presence or experiencing the Paradigm Shift. It’s possible with much practice to remain in this state 24/7!

Results of Nondual state:

1. You begin to be flooded with peace—feeling of coming home;
2. You begin to feel good for no reason;
3 You begin to experience the oneness beneath separation;
4. You begin to experience that solutions to problems bubble up.
5. You begin to uncover your unique gift and how to share it with your world.

Love & Blessings,