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    CP Cal Celebration: Building the Collaborative Bridge

    9:00 am - 6:00 pmSan Diego, CA - Hilton Resort and Spa, Mission Bay
     Why does conflict typically revolve around the family home in probate/post-mortem Trust & Estates matters? For one, there probably is not a trust, by definition, which means detailed instructions are non-existent because most of the old school wills were pretty skinny in content. Second, family relationships are already strained due to the emotional fatigue and mystery of grieving their deceased. Add on top of that, they're struggling with the financial and legal complexities that necessarily accompany probate court.
         As you can already see, this is the perfect breeding ground for collaborative trust & estates cases! The financial side is critically important, in the form of making projections about market rate rental income versus a home sale and analyses about when might be the most lucrative time to sell. Communication coaching is arguably the most important aspect, given the intricacies of the emotions surrounding the family home and the extra challenging behavioral patterns that emerge in family relationships while undergoing the stress inherent in a probate case.
      In this workshop, you'll learn how to assemble an interdisciplinary collaborative team and explore the terrain of probate/trust administration meets family support group! It's a worthwhile endeavor to expand your practice into this field of rapidly increasing importance. For the non-lawyers and family law lawyers, learn what probate is and what probate isn't. Dispel the misconceptions you have about probate. See how to walk through a full probate case without families yelling at each other and a sibling getting kicked out of their own parents' home! Our exciting panel of speakers guarantees you'll gain these take-aways:
    1. How to spot problem areas in probate cases and to head them off before they grow
    2. Understand how and why emotions and personality traits become triggered in probate
    3. Receive tips for analyzing whether to rent or sell the family home and simple financial tools for discussing alternatives