Congratulations to GCLC’s 2019 Board of Directors and Officers, elected at our 2019 Annual Member Meeting and Open Board Meeting on January 17, 2019!

John L. Sarratt, President, Raleigh, NC

Melanie M. Atha, Secretary/Treasurer, Executive Director, Miranda, USA

Anne K. Shuttle, Vice President, Public Education and Training, Dallas, TX

Kristen M. Blankley, Director and Liaison to The Association of American Law Schools, Lincoln, NE

Robert A. Lopich, Director and Australasian Region Chair, Sydney, NSW, AU

Joryn Jenkins, Director and Education/Public Relations Chair, Tampa, FL

Marc O. Sheridan, Director and Northeast Region Chair, Mt. Kisco, NY

Steven P. Gregory, Director and Southeast Region Chair, Birmingham, AL

Glenn F. Meier, Director and Mountain Region Chair, Las Vegas, NV

Douglas J. Rosner, Director and Pacific Region Chair, Los Angeles, CA

Aida Doss Havel, Director and Mid Atlantic Region Chair, Salvo, NC

Carmen Aja Ruiz, Director and Western European Chair, Alava, Basque Country

Michael Zeytoonian, Director and New England Chair, Wakefield, MA

The newly seated Board thanks, with profound gratitude, Sherrie Abney and Larry Maxwell of Dallas, Texas, founders of GCLC and perpetual leaders of our group, for their tireless efforts and brilliant leadership.  Sherrie and Larry will continue to serve on our Advisory Board, along with David Hoffman and Stu Webb.