Are you interested in becoming trained in Collaborative Practice?

We welcome information about all Collaborative trainings and events. If you have an event to share, please contact us ( with information about your training or conference, so that this webpage will be a comprehensive resource for visitors to our website.

We do not endorse any individual trainers or training groups, and do not regulate the delivery of training services.

Membership in GCLC requires 12 hours of collaborative training.

Jan 3-5 Introductory/Refresher/Advanced Collaborative Training (Davie, FL)
Jan 10-11 Introductory Collaborative Practice Training (Phoenix, AZ)
Jan 11-12 Introductory Collaborative Practice Training (Orlando, FL)
Feb 6-7 Civil Collaborative Practice Basic Training (Greensboro, NC)
Feb 7-8 Two Day IACP Introduction to Collaborative Practice Training (Tulsa, OK)
Feb 22-23 Building Your Peacemaking Practice (Tampa, FL)
March 1-2 Effective Interdisciplinary Teamwork (San Diego, CA)